Are Koi Fish Friendly?

There is something utterly fascinating and relaxing about sitting by a pond full of striking koi fish, swimming actively around, just as mesmerized by you as you are of them. Granted, they are probably just looking at you for food. But the fact that they can become tame to the point that you can touch them fascinates the mind.

Koi fish are one of the easiest breeds to tame, with the Chagoi being the largest and friendliest of the koi species. Koi fish become accustomed to the feeding routine and their caregiver that they will start eating out of your hands. 

Although it is a thrilling experience to interact with your koi, it is also essential to understand why they become so tame and how to handle a koi fish once it is tame.

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Are Koi Fish Friendly?

Koi fish are known for their great recollection and remarkable personalities. 

What makes koi fish so exceptional is their individualism. Each one will have different mannerisms. Some will be shy and hide, others will be more playful and jump, while others are maybe more grumpy and standoffish.

Koi fish are friends, so ensuring a clean and koi-friendly habitat is vital to their happiness. If a koi is healthy and gets the proper food, you are well on your way to having friendly koi fish.

Like any other animal, koi fish will become accustomed to the person that feeds it daily. So setting up a feeding routine is essential to getting your koi fish accustomed to you.

A koi will associate you with eating and feeding time. So, take a few extra moments every day to sit by your pond and feed your koi in the morning and afternoon.

Koi fish are highly intelligent and social fish that enjoy being in groups. The more they get accustomed to you and your feeding schedule, the more they will come to recognize you and your voice.

Once your koi grow comfortable enough with you, they will swim up to the surface and even eat out of your hands. Some may even leap out of the water as you walk by your pond.

This bond between you and your koi will take some time and patience, but in the end, you will see how excited your koi are to see you and will want to interact with you as they begin to trust you.

Koi fish don’t see the fine details of your face but do recognize your body shape and your voice. So talking to them is crucial for learning to associate with your voice. You may even give them names that they will get accustomed to and respond to when you call them.

What Are The Friendliest Koi?

chagoi koi fish
Chagoi koi

The Chagoi koi is well-known as a gentle giant. They are not the fanciest or most colorful of Koi selections, but they do make up for that in other extraordinary ways.

Chagoi koi fish are known as the friendliest and most passive Koi breed. This is because Chagoi koi are the most likely to interact with people. Therefore, having a Chagoi with other fish will tend to make all your other fish tamer and more trusting around people.

Probably the most intelligent fish compared to other koi, this is one fish with a great personality. These are generally the first fish to become tame.

Do Koi Fish Like To Be Petted?

You may find it strange that a fish may like to be petted, just like a dog or cat. However, as strange as it may sound, koi genuinely enjoy the bond with their owners, including the occasional pat on the head.

Touch is a very powerful de-stressor for any animal, and the koi is no exception to the rule. Koi fish will allow petting and belly stroking and may even swim into your outstretched palm.

How To Safely Pet A Koi Kish?

It’s evident that you can’t just pick up your pet koi fish like a dog or cat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pat it.

It is always important to remember that koi fish have a protective slime around their body, similar to a suit of armor. This slime protects them against deadly bacteria entering their skin.

Although it is safe to touch your koi and for them to rub against your hand, ensuring that your hands are clean before putting your hands into the koi’s pond is essential. 

Make sure to wash your hands as a surgeon would before surgery. You absolutely don’t want any lotions, insect spray, or cologne to interact with the koi or pond water because your koi fish could become ill.

Picking them out of the water is not advisable unless the koi are handled for medical conditions or transferred to another water source.

Advantage Of Having Tame Koi Fish

The koi’s aptitude to become tame is significant for another reason. Stress is the fastest way for your fish to die, but occasionally they need to be physically handled for different reasons. 

Handling koi fish can cause massive stress if they are not tame or used to being touched. However, a caregiver can easily handle a tame and trusting koi without freaking itself out and causing unnecessary stress.


Koi fish can be extremely friendly, to the point of playing with their caregivers. Setting up a routine feeding schedule and allowing your koi to get accustomed to its surroundings and your movement by the pond will eventually form a bond between you and your koi. Even though you can safely touch your koi, it is essential to remember not to damage the exterior slime protection that they have as a barrier against bacteria.


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