Can Koi Eat Goldfish Food? (We’ve Got The Answer)

koi fish and goldfish

Koi and goldfish are a striking addition to any pond and an attractive focal point for your garden. Feeding time is the highlight of koi ownership for many, as it allows you to interact with your fish and admire them. However, it is also an essential aspect of koi care to get right, starting with feeding them the right food. You might wonder, can koi eat goldfish food?

Both koi and goldfish are omnivorous carp species; therefore, it is generally accepted that koi fish can eat any food for goldfish. This is because both fish’s nutritional requirements and anatomy are very similar. Thus, provided the quality is good, koi can be fed goldfish food.

Many foods advertise themselves as ‘koi and goldfish’ food or suitable for all pond fish. If you have both goldfish and koi, feeding them the same food is convenient. However, this requires an informed understanding of the type of food and nutrients koi and goldfish require. So, what are your options for feeding them? We have everything you need to know.

Can You Feed Your Koi Goldfish Food?

Koi fish and goldfish in a pond

Many fish owners wonder whether they can feed their goldfish and koi from the same menu. The answer is yes, which has several benefits. For instance, feeding them the same food will narrow down your feeding time, and buying only one food may be more economical. But how is it possible?

Why Can You Feed Your Koi Goldfish Food?


Pond goldfish and koi are both species of carp that have been selectively bred to display the brilliant colors they flash today. This relationship means that the two species have very similar digestive systems (for instance, neither has stomaches, just really long intestines!) and are thus evolved to eat very similar foods.

What Goldfish Food Can You Feed Your Koi?

Traditional goldfish food includes a variety of dry flakes and pellets. Live food such as mealworms or crickets is also typical, and this has the added benefit of letting your fish feel like hunters – which is a lot more fun for them and may provide entertainment for you!

These are all safe to feed koi fish – as a general rule, anything that a goldfish, or other species of pond fish, can eat, a koi can eat too. However, neither goldfish nor koi should just be fed pellets or flakes.

They are both naturally omnivorous fish with a wide range of dinner options, so they require variety in their diet. Lack of variation may even impact your fish’s vibrancy, as different food types provide them with different necessary nutrients. Read on to discover ways to supplement goldfish food in your fish’s diet.

Can Koi And Goldfish Eat Floating Food?


Goldfish owners often feed their fish floating food (in the form of pellets, flakes, or floating stock). Koi owners also favor this as it is healthy for the fish and brings them to the surface at feeding time, allowing their dazzling colors and striking patterns to be put on the best display.

Floating food also lets koi owners train the fish to feed from their hands, creating an interactive experience with your garden pet. Additionally, it will enable owners to check up on their fish’s health.

However, koi and goldfish are naturally bottom feeders, and their mouths have evolved to graze algae and matter that has settled on the pond’s bottom. For this reason, we recommend alternating their food between floating food and solids such as vegetables and shrimp from your kitchen.

Can Koi And Goldfish Eat ‘Human’ Food?

Strawberry, raspberry, and blueberries

Koi and other carp species, such as outdoor goldfish, are omnivores with a considerable range in their natural diet. We thus recommend supplementing your goldfish or koi’s diet with food from your pantry, as well as goldfish food.

 Koi and goldfish will eat a wide range of fruit and vegetables, such as bananas, lettuce, and watermelon, which are beneficial for the nutrients and fiber they add to their diets.

Like humans, your fish require a balanced diet; therefore, you should supplement their meals with a small amount of protein, such as chicken, muscles, or shrimp.

You should, however, be wary of feeding your fish too many starchy foods, such as bread, rice, or corn. While these may seem easy and convenient, an excess of carbohydrates may cause many health problems, including a dulling of their vibrant colors – an ornamental fish owner’s worst nightmare!

How Often Should You Feed Your Koi Goldfish Food?

Knowing what to feed your fish is only the first step in ensuring they are happy and healthy. Equally important is learning when and how often to provide food for your fish.

Experts recommend feeding your koi one to three times a day, whether feeding them koi food, goldfish food, or solid ‘human’ food. Koi and goldfish will generally keep eating as much as possible; however, it is your responsibility to ensure that they do not over-eat, as this may cause health complications.

For this reason, feeding your fish for five minutes at a time is suggested, as this window generally ensures that they get enough nutrients. If, after this period, there is excess food on the surface of your pond, you should skim it off. This practice prevents leftover food from clogging your filter or fermenting in the water.

Can Koi And Goldfish Live Together And Eat The Same Food?

Koi fish and goldfish in a pond

If your koi pond looks a bit empty, you may consider introducing some goldfish to liven things up. Goldfish and koi complement each other well and will generally coexist peacefully; however, avoid over-crowding, as this may increase aggression between the two species.

What Are The Benefits Of Keeping Koi and Goldfish Together?

Keeping goldfish and koi together has many benefits, mainly regarding the ease of keeping them, space efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

As goldfish and koi can generally eat the same food, this will increase the efficiency of your feeding time. Additionally, buying only one dry food (whether it is marketed for koi or goldfish) may be more economical. Furthermore, as koi and goldfish are at home in the same types of ponds with the same plants, keeping them together minimizes upkeep.

Lastly, but most fundamentally to any ornamental fish lover, the brilliant hues in both fish will complement each other, resulting in a pond that is vibrant with life and color and the pride of your garden.


Feeding your koi is one of the highlights of keeping them and is a relaxing and uplifting experience for many owners. Koi, like goldfish, are ornamental, omnivorous species of carp. This means you can feed them the same food, and that koi can eat any goldfish food.

When feeding your koi goldfish food, they must eat a good combination of fiber, protein, and minimal carbohydrates. Combining floating and raw food during a short feeding window allows you to admire the beauty of your fish while keeping them healthy. So, whether keeping koi separately or with goldfish, follow these feeding tips to watch your prized pets flourish.


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