Can You Swim In A Koi Pond?

Before swimming in your pond, you should ensure your filtration system is working so that you know the water isn’t filthy. If possible, avoid swimming with your head under the water while you have any open wounds on your body, and especially try not to swallow any of the pond water while swimming.

Koi ponds are essentially not designed for humans to swim in. It may be unsafe to swim in your koi pond because the equipment used in a pond (basins, lights, and pumps) is not made for human contact and is therefore rated differently than similar equipment used in swimming pools.

Most pond builders do not know about the National Electrical Code that is required for swimming pools. This means your ponds lights and submersible pumps are not grounded and cannot be approved for safe swimming.

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Tips For Swimming In Your Koi Pond

If you would like to try swimming with your koi – there are a few tips to follow. 

Double-check the water conditions

Your pond water will never be as clean as a chemically treated pool. However, you can ensure the water is as clean as possible by using high-quality filtration systems. If you see an excess of algae growing, or your water looks more clouded than usual, rather clean out your pond before attempting to swim in it.

Ensure your pond is big enough

If your pond is so tiny that swimming in it would mean sitting crowded in a corner, it would be best to avoid taking a dip. You need to make sure you can swim from one end of the pond to the other (like a swimming pool); otherwise, you will just be causing disturbances to your fish.

Do not try and touch or pick up your koi

Any koi owner knows you only move your koi using a bucket or a net. Swimming in your koi pond is going to be a stressful experience for your fish, and touching them or picking them up will only make this stress worse. 


Although many people go swimming in their koi ponds, it is not the best of ideas as there is a possibility of contracting dangerous bacteria from dirty pond water, which could be seriously harmful to your health.

If you still want to go swimming in your pond, you should ensure the water is as clean as possible, your pond is big enough to accommodate both you and your koi, and remember not to touch or pick up any of the fish. 

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